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Entrepreneurs Flex Their Creative Muscles in Somerville

  Tucked between Somerville Ave. and the Fitchburg Commuter Rail tracks, in unassuming buildings that once housed factories, you’ll find some of the most daring and creative entrepreneurs in Massachusetts. Two organizations, Artisan’s Asylum and Brooklyn Boulders Somerville, have moved into these old buildings, fixed them up, and created something that you have to see … Continue reading »

Washington Post Discovers Somerville Culture

Well hi there, Washington Post, good of you to drop by! The Post’s Robin Soslow spent some time in the ‘Ville recently, and she’s put together a nice write-up on the funky, craftsy, DIY-inspired culture that makes Somerville such a fantastic place to live. You can read her story here. Personally, I’d like to check … Continue reading »